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Torsdag den 6 April 2017, kl 04:00

Said funny. It is one of my classmates, but also my primary school of the best friends, the saying goes 'girlfriend'.


Know her, in the third grade, she kept the points in the bangs. Clothes washed legs color, some cowardice. Thicker lips, people look at a look


The first reaction is 'honest'.


Of course, she is also a simple person. Well, right. Her name is 'Yan' so, noisy and she had two years.


Unfortunately, the original school to be demolished. Have to go to another school. This is a random arrangement.


Obviously, this broke our quiet life, the story began.


Although our class was not split, but other classes were opened, into our class. In this way, formed a new set


Body, five (3) classes!


Speaking, then we are all ignorant, muddle of emotion.


Have to say that this class has some wonderful work. More than 40 people, but only eight girls. Boys are beginning a fierce pursuit. There are some high


Proud, often say "good horse do not eat back grass." To pursue other classes of girls.


Because, in the youth, met those strange people. Also have a strange emotion.


So, there is a pair of pairs in the class 'couple'.


As for Yan, but in a day was pushed to the scandal center.


The reason is that she and Yang have "adultery".


Yang grow some bit of fat. Anyway, Academic performance has been very good.


Yan told me: "Do you know Yang? Do not know why he always propped me laugh at you, you do not know, he laughed with two rabbit teeth, especially




In short, Yan three words away from the sun. It is also a good impression on the sun.


Anyway, on the class crazy pass. Perhaps, so booing They gradually talk together.


But, who did not pierce the "ambiguous" this layer of paper.


It is funny, in fact, Yang is not a smile on the Yan. Instead, he has a quirk: one to nothing to do when like daze, but also laugh. that's it,


Yan mistaken that Yang likes her. In this way, in the class of booing, their hearts closer and closer.


In this way, ambiguous unaware of the maintenance of a semester. The second half of the semester, Yang back home.


Since then, Yan do not know how, and some muffled. All in all, it's getting worse. Yan is no longer in the points of the bangs, but oblique bangs


The She started drinking and started smoking.


Yan also began to alienate me. In fact, I also feel that our character began to keep up and up.


Until I entered secondary school, I never seen her again.


Half a semester, really short. But it can change a person.


Everyone, through different things, points together, a full Dayton Dayton. Began a different life.


And this coax out of the "love" is also the end of the ... ...

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