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Tisdag den 28 Mars 2017, kl 06:00

Spring in March, still rain started falling, wet air, the chilly of the chill, or wrapped in thick coat to resist the cold spring breeze. For a long time did not see the sun, the house is always mixing the wet taste. Had foolishly thought, is the sun and the moon eloped, leaving only the sky kept crying. This rain is like a spoiled little doll, always pouting a small mouth, an inattentive began to cry, and sometimes crying day and night do not stop. The sky is always gray, foggy, and can not see the distant scenery.

Looking forward to spring, want to see the flowers in full bloom. White pure, pink bloom, purple noble, yellow and elegant, lightly smell the aroma of flowers in the air, looking forward to a flower of the girls heart sweet dream. Want to see the spring breeze blowing thousands of peach, spring shine ten miles waiting for the spring flowers swaying, staring at the posture; waiting for the spring plumbing, sparkling wine; waiting for the spring smoke green willow, curl Tingting.

Looking forward to the spring, want to kiss the long absence of the sun. Want to lie in the arms of spring, enjoy the spring breeze was blowing, spring infinite beauty. Warm sunshine bath everything, the sun sun quilt are full of the taste of the sun, holding the quilt sleep feeling even the dream is warm. Love the beautiful girls wearing a flower skirt in the sun through, but also a beautiful landscape in the spring.

Looking forward to spring, want to pick the spring of sweet fruit. Went to the field of the orchard personally picked the red and blue strawberry, purple glowing mulberry, Huang Chengcheng kumquat. Was warm spring bathing fruit, hand picked, especially sweet. Want to accompany the gentle spring breeze, breathe fresh air, taste the delicious fruit. Slowly into the natural, enjoy the warm and comfortable from the spring comfortable.

The window is still cloudy, but through the rainy season back to the south, we can usher in a warm and bright spring. Rainy days are temporary, no matter how much rain, the sun will certainly appear again. Life is the same, the difficult days will always be the past, the sun will eventually disperse the clouds, take away those moldy old trace. The winter is gone and the spring is not far away. Looking forward to the sunny sunny day soon come.

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