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Onsdag den 8 Mars 2017, kl 09:00

You are my fate, I fall in your city, a kiss and you set a lifetime, you are the one who I miss, both ends of the earth, you are all I long for the soul. -- -- --.

Write a story, a time of life in the depth of the fragrant blindly, drunk is the memory of the old, the solution doesn't open is the entanglement between love and love, is so intoxicated, now that miss is set to become the solution doesn't open, let it in the life and death together, bind you my happiness.

Have you love to caress, I am no longer a lone struggle, no longer alone in the lonely in the autumn. Looking and searching, only to wait for you. Met you, is the beginning of love, my tears, will only miss you but also fly. More want to lonely grist, holding flowers to you, how many times the dream self-pity, and call your name, the tenderness, is the time to read, you are my I don't give up the love, who is not to prove that I love you, only in the world to the ferry, a reunion with you, make me to be born, to continue our mountain edges of cordiality. I use a smile ink, writing a roll of long love.

All your concerns, your concerns, with a gentle warmth. We speak the same words, if you well, is sunny. Time take turns, such as the blink, in the short time, the most beautiful, the most romantic thing, is to meet you. Met with your stubborn, your kindness, also met your tenderness. I want to use the smile of my life, the way you gentle vision.

Is worried about you, is your concern, waiting for you give me life happiness, like you, fool. How long it is warm, this long to arrive directly to the source of my life. Dear, met you, I met happiness, I always smile at you, like general gentleness. If there is a next life, I think I will so love you, love your tenderness and love your noisy. Yes, when we have two loving hearts overlap, it is destined to is not love. Crush on you the moment, it fell for a long time the heart, have a good end-result.

This life, I only willing to work with you, indulge in the world of mortals, even if the wind and rain, even if difficult, also want to be together, the afterlife dear, are you still mine rein people, I am still your beauty a previous life. My attire, dance only for you a song of red xiu, I drunk king city.

Even if time age desolate, my thoughts are still green luxuriant, not old.