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Måndag den 23 Maj 2016, kl 11:00


Students nutritional status is good, although the supply of dietary calories to meet the basic standards, but the protein supply is low, the ratio of high quality protein, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin A and other nutrients obviously inadequate. So to promote the importance of nutrition in the students, to popularize nutrition knowledge.

National Student Nutrition Day is one day

This year's National Student Nutrition Day is 5 years in 2016, 20, the lunar April fourteen.

Established in 1989, Chinese students' nutrition promotion will under the auspices of the nutritionist in Ruomu, combined with the World Health Organization 2000 everyone enjoys health care strategic objectives, the formulation of the ten years from 1991 to 2000 student nutrition work plan. This program named "protection system project", which determine the annual May 20th for the Chinese students nutrition day. The purpose is to promote the importance of nutrition in the students' time, popularize the nutrition knowledge. May 2001, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of Health (health disease control issued [2001] No. 120) in the text of the document will be "Chinese students' Nutrition Day" statutory down.

Nutritional requirements of students

Breakfast design

In accordance with the basic requirements of the supply of nutrients per head of students in our country, the general breakfast diet in a variety of nutrient content should be accounted for about 30% of the whole day supply.

In accordance with the "grain collocation, thickness matching, meat and vegetables, varied with the" basic principles of food a day are reached more than 25, as far as possible to meet the requirements of rich nutrition and balanced diet nutrition breakfast.

Nutritious breakfast should be porridge noodles, pasta category, meat, vegetable, vegetables and so on is composed of three parts, after a meal with a melon and fruit vitamin supplements.


Måndag den 9 Maj 2016, kl 10:00


In the summer, people are very easy to sunburn, diet related to the speed of the repair of sunburn, then the summer sunburn eat what Oh? Below small make up to recommend 13 kinds of food that can treat summer sunburn.

What to eat after summer sunburn?

Sunburn is more common in the spring and summer season, especially after immersion in the skin is more prone to sunburn. General 4-6 hours after the sun began to react, to reach the peak after 12-24 hours. Mainly for the sun exposed areas of the skin appear distinct realm of erythema, edema, severe blisters, bullous, blister is pale yellow slurry. At the same time, there are itching, burning or tingling. If burned area is too wide, the sun is too fierce, the formation of blisters, and the emergence of systemic symptoms such as fever, flustered, headache, nausea, vomiting.

Summer due to strong ultraviolet radiation for a long time, will make the skin cells of the human body to lose a lot of water and dry, lose moisture, the occurrence of wrinkles. Some people will also cause the sunlight dermatitis, if not handled properly, it is easy to form spots.

What to eat after summer sunburn? Vitamin C can inhibit the formation of melanin, reduce freckles. Vitamin E can promote vitamin C functions, speed up the skin after sun repair. Therefore, the sun should eat more rich in vitamin C and vitamin E in food. For example, kiwi, grapefruit, strawberry, cherry, broccoli, eel, avocados, olive oil and almond.


Tisdag den 3 Maj 2016, kl 12:00

Changes in diet can enhance resistance


low-fat yogurt


Of course, it's not just low fat yogurt, but other kinds of dairy products, which can provide calcium, and it contains a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals. These elements are key to the fight against osteoporosis. Nutrition experts suggest that we eat 3 servings of low-fat dairy products every day, at the same time with weight training, so that we can strengthen the bones, improve the immune capacity.


Low fat yogurt does not contain carbohydrates, can help to lose weight. A cup of yogurt every day helps to reduce the risk of catching a cold. Probiotics in yogurt can stimulate the immune system to fight a cold. In addition, it also contains vitamin D, in a recent study found that vitamin D levels are too low to increase the risk of colds and flu.


So, milk products is to improve the immune ability of a good helper oh!


We can be eaten together smoothies and low-fat yogurt or milk, excellent taste. In addition, you can also add some orange juice, and amount of strawberry milk and eat together, so that you can make the delicious and healthy snacks!


Grapefruit contains rich vitamin C and a large amount of flavonoids can increase the activity of the immune system, and treatment of colds and flu like illness.


In addition, grapefruit also can purify the mind, refreshing.




Recent scientific research has shown that elderberry extract can resist cold. Elderberry is rich in antioxidants, also has certain anti infection effect. To enhance the immune ability is very helpful.


White mushroom


Mushrooms are rich in selenium and antioxidants, and if in vivo selenium levels are too low to increase the risk of a severe cold. In addition, the mushrooms also contain vitamin B, riboflavin and niacin, can help maintain a healthy immune system play.


White mushroom also has antiviral, antibacterial, anti tumor efficacy.




Bananas contain alkaloids that help to lift spirits and enhance confidence. In addition, bananas are a source of amino acids and vitamin B6, which can cause the brain to make serotonin, thereby reducing depression. Maintain a relaxed mood can effectively improve the immune system.




Studies show that blueberries are the highest fruit with antioxidant substances. The color of blueberry comes from the pigment of anthocyanin, which can neutralize the free radicals which can cause chronic diseases, and effectively resist the occurrence of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and so on.


In addition, it can also play a role in preventing the infection of urinary catheter. Eating every day is very effective in the stability of the immune system.




Because oysters are rich in mineral zinc. And zinc has antiviral effect, it has been found that zinc and the immune system, including a number of functions, including wound healing. So, eat oysters to improve your immune system!


Deep water fish


OMEGA-3 fatty acids, such as deep water fish, contain a large amount of fatty acids, which can fight disease, help to reduce blood fat levels, and prevent blood clots associated with heart disease.


These fish include salmon, tuna and so on, can be at home cooked or cooked to taste delicious and nutritious.




Broccoli is the basic elements to enhance immunity. In one study, chemical in broccoli can stimulate the immune system, enhance the vitality of the immune system. At the same time, broccoli is rich in nutrition, helps to protect the body against disease invasion.


And broccoli contains vitamin A, vitamin C and glutathione, for the protection of eyesight, improve immunity and anti - ageing are very useful!


sweet potato


Sweet potato this sweet food, which contains a wealth of antioxidants, plant chemicals (including beta carotene, vitamin C and E), folic acid, calcium, copper, iron and potassium. For immunity enhancement effect is self-evident, of course, can also be against aging, keep skin luster containing calcium can strengthen bones, and iron can play a blood.


In addition, the sweet potato fiber helps to promote the health of the digestive tract. And antioxidants play a role in the prevention of heart disease and cancer.


Torsdag den 28 April 2016, kl 06:00

As we all know, ginger honey water taste sweet and delicious, beauty and health care effect is good, so deeply love the people, many people will often drink ginger honey water. Then ginger honey water can freckle? Let us be specific to see it!


Can you spot Ginger Honey


Many people in the body, especially the face and the back of the hand filled with a little bit of a spot, this is the result of free radicals in vivo.


Free radicals in the body is a kind of aging factor, its role in the skin, causing "rusty" ginger is in addition to "rust" master. Ginger contains a variety of active ingredients, wherein the gingerols have a strong role in the weakening of free radical


Honey nutrition is very rich, long to eat honey antioxidant levels will be greatly improved, can make skin white, tender, smooth, ruddy face, but also crack the blood.


Practice has proved that drinking ginger honey water for more than a year, the face and the back of the hand, the spot will be significantly changed, or even disappear.


Taking the method is: take the amount of fresh ginger add cup, 200-300 ml boiling water, soak 5 to 10 minutes, add a little honey and stir well when the water to drink.


Method taking fresh ginger and honey water is very simple, the amount of wash ginger slices or silk, how much can be decided by their habits and tastes, into the boiling water, brew 10 minutes about, then add a spoonful of honey, stir well you can drink, a cup a day without a break, will have the effect.


To improve the body's antioxidant level


Ginger honey water can play a very good skin care effect, rapid removal of free radicals, which can play a very good whitening, make the skin more rosy effect.


The pale spot, whitening


Honey ginger water dosed persistently, to some extent to downplay the role of senile plaques, may be senile plaques become shallower and play a small role, that women can be taken for a long time.


promote digestion


When after a meal to drink a cup of honey ginger water, can play a good role in enhancing peristalsis, but also can prevent constipation.