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Torsdag den 28 April 2016, kl 06:00

As we all know, ginger honey water taste sweet and delicious, beauty and health care effect is good, so deeply love the people, many people will often drink ginger honey water. Then ginger honey water can freckle? Let us be specific to see it!


Can you spot Ginger Honey


Many people in the body, especially the face and the back of the hand filled with a little bit of a spot, this is the result of free radicals in vivo.


Free radicals in the body is a kind of aging factor, its role in the skin, causing "rusty" ginger is in addition to "rust" master. Ginger contains a variety of active ingredients, wherein the gingerols have a strong role in the weakening of free radical


Honey nutrition is very rich, long to eat honey antioxidant levels will be greatly improved, can make skin white, tender, smooth, ruddy face, but also crack the blood.


Practice has proved that drinking ginger honey water for more than a year, the face and the back of the hand, the spot will be significantly changed, or even disappear.


Taking the method is: take the amount of fresh ginger add cup, 200-300 ml boiling water, soak 5 to 10 minutes, add a little honey and stir well when the water to drink.


Method taking fresh ginger and honey water is very simple, the amount of wash ginger slices or silk, how much can be decided by their habits and tastes, into the boiling water, brew 10 minutes about, then add a spoonful of honey, stir well you can drink, a cup a day without a break, will have the effect.


To improve the body's antioxidant level


Ginger honey water can play a very good skin care effect, rapid removal of free radicals, which can play a very good whitening, make the skin more rosy effect.


The pale spot, whitening


Honey ginger water dosed persistently, to some extent to downplay the role of senile plaques, may be senile plaques become shallower and play a small role, that women can be taken for a long time.


promote digestion


When after a meal to drink a cup of honey ginger water, can play a good role in enhancing peristalsis, but also can prevent constipation.


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