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Måndag den 23 Maj 2016, kl 11:00


Students nutritional status is good, although the supply of dietary calories to meet the basic standards, but the protein supply is low, the ratio of high quality protein, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin A and other nutrients obviously inadequate. So to promote the importance of nutrition in the students, to popularize nutrition knowledge.

National Student Nutrition Day is one day

This year's National Student Nutrition Day is 5 years in 2016, 20, the lunar April fourteen.

Established in 1989, Chinese students' nutrition promotion will under the auspices of the nutritionist in Ruomu, combined with the World Health Organization 2000 everyone enjoys health care strategic objectives, the formulation of the ten years from 1991 to 2000 student nutrition work plan. This program named "protection system project", which determine the annual May 20th for the Chinese students nutrition day. The purpose is to promote the importance of nutrition in the students' time, popularize the nutrition knowledge. May 2001, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of Health (health disease control issued [2001] No. 120) in the text of the document will be "Chinese students' Nutrition Day" statutory down.

Nutritional requirements of students

Breakfast design

In accordance with the basic requirements of the supply of nutrients per head of students in our country, the general breakfast diet in a variety of nutrient content should be accounted for about 30% of the whole day supply.

In accordance with the "grain collocation, thickness matching, meat and vegetables, varied with the" basic principles of food a day are reached more than 25, as far as possible to meet the requirements of rich nutrition and balanced diet nutrition breakfast.

Nutritious breakfast should be porridge noodles, pasta category, meat, vegetable, vegetables and so on is composed of three parts, after a meal with a melon and fruit vitamin supplements.


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