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Söndag den 16 April 2017, kl 11:00

Tick is farewell elegy or roof sigh?

Walk on the path of aimless umbrellas in her hand, and looked at those from the side in a hurry after receding figure, always looking for less than that with a familiar figure, eyes flashed, lost things!

At this moment, deep feeling is so quiet, looking at the familiar street, not to the hustle and bustle of the past, no heavy metal rock music which is irritable, no vendor that a surprised a zha cries, as if everything is so quiet......

Oh! Unconsciously it's getting dark, and that the flashing neon lights like the night elves to welcome the arrival of the night, also in a person aimless walk in, I am a man, so I can't feel the love deep rain receive the world is in your eyes the only beautiful artistic conception! It gives me is to let the restless heart I get a little quiet, the dazed drizzling has dropped for all taken such as dream, I am!

Everything is so quiet! Landed in the face of the mask of hypocrisy, fold to ruthless disregard everything, and then repent for those sweet words in deep during the day, for his own selfish heart to reduce a little guilty, in close your eyes to listen to the rain crying, what on earth is yearning, still don't give up to the sky? Tick... Tick... Gripping.

A person's life is nothing but alone shuttle between people, through a and a city, witnessed a and a departure, and then static enron said: is everything ok, ok! Even if you miss something, oneself also never regret.

In the end, I suddenly understand, I'm afraid of is not only a lonely, more afraid of parting. Under the relentless appearance only protection is nothing more than a fragile inner world to the sentiment, a heart that is afraid of being hurt! Your one chance to come to my world, but like must leave my world, repeated absence in my world, only in the time left a familiar and unfamiliar name, can only hope you don't get lost on the way to the future and dreams, after all, my world had you.

It was a world in a hurry, but we are not good at farewell!