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Söndag den 9 April 2017, kl 19:00

Mob of season, filar silk cool idea in mind, those little drops of the dust of the past, it rose in the bow of the moments. The tea stretch danced in the water, mood as if also become submerged in standing water. Read follow up, and a read on tea, a thought in mind. I know, I have been looking for a kind of cool, that can be put under intense.

Once walked the intravenous drip in the heart of what, perhaps is not important, important is experienced, dedicated, love, pain, but also always cherish. Who give their beautiful and sad, miss and miss, maybe after years, there are snowflakes in a moment to remember, but this moment, have a little on the bottom of my heart warm.

Years, suddenly, a tree flowers, always fleeting. Oh that wheatgrass absence is still good. Just don't want to forget in the chi gap turbulent, those with the ink lines, those who run heart words, and the warm smile. Nestled close to the night, eyes faint hidden tears, looked down, tea madadayo heart rises a touched, maybe life, roaring in the water is a waiting, waiting for the green branches.

Earth, maybe I'm just an unknown grass, perhaps just a humble flowers, submerged in the hustle and bustle of their journeys, but I also love life, I am eager to the warmth of love. A flower is a world, a green leaf is a life picture scroll. Nietzsche said, every day never dance is to live up to life.

Live, not live up to. Cherish the day litres of sunset, the bustling bustling and loneliness. Cherish meet, even though some meet, not in order to have better results, just for the sake of the most beautiful time to meet the most beautiful you. We used to love, when I think of, still have some had happiness, also have some hint of sadness, it is in my heart like water on it, suddenly found that the time is not dissipate the taste of it, it turns out that it is still beautiful.

Time is flowing quietly, the day of the month lang wind in the fingers slip quietly. Used in cold quiet night sitting by the fire, will some of the most worry, gently daub is in between the lines, the first love of the music is flowing in the ear. If make dreams, twist a refers to the ink, fold the word, boil tea, feeling warm in a cup of clear water, not to think about where your heart after all, no longer ask you the city flower of a few degrees. At the moment of the time, feel like by water immersion, random and fragrance. A flower on the 1st of January morning twilight, monohydrate mountain a leisurely. Easy going through the spring and autumn period and the time, do the ordinary couse of themselves, in the lonely, in silence!

After the charm of spring, summer, autumn and lucidity, into the cold of winter, life is like a river, has become slow and quiet. Those who once the pain, has long been the wind light cloud light; Those who stay in my memory, also quiet became a ray of smile mouth. Meet landscape is a story of butterfly LianChun day is a kind of feelings, and our world, inevitably spawns a amorous autumn waters. Some beautiful, put it on your heart, is warm; Some thoughts, gently collection, is still good. Actually, I don't want to have sunshine warm my heart, there are flowers and plants and dew nourish my soul, warm with love with me, is the greatest happiness.