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Torsdag den 30 Mars 2017, kl 12:00

As long as you are, just fine

Pull a ray of long wind thin read, in the plains of time to plant a dream, the dream of falling plum dance, there are clean water. Winter morning, white mist filled in the silent time, holding a brisk strokes depicting the beauty of this inadvertently, as the white snow wins you. Leaving a poem to accompany me a total of Huanhuan, love in the paper bound, time is quiet, and like a tree bloom, gesture is not Mei is not demon, a leaf a piece of film quiet. Pen, tea, tea curl, light and not astringent, this is the taste of the years, but also the taste of love.


In the morning, the yard fell a thick layer of yellow leaves, after the storm, the sun exposed a bright smile, sun and rain, monsoon soil and water, they are the most aware of the changes in the environment and seasonal replacement, in the years of ferry, bloom and bear fruit. Not for the name, not for profit, is a perception of life.


Stroking the flowers of years, quiet bloom. Thanksgiving met, thanks to the time given to me all, accompanied by all the way to accompany the warm, fiddle with the strings of time, lingering curl ... ...


Walking in the country on the roadside, to see those who are covered with autumn frost chrysanthemum, still open Jiao Rao, that touch of purple, bright eyes, halo open winter romance. Time, if I am an unknown flowers, quietly open in the corner of the earth, I do not seek rich and expensive, do not want to attract attention. I just want to sit with the time, the true meaning of life, appreciate the simple happiness. The life of the bit dripping warmly, gently into the cold winter, love worthy of love, do want to do things, all the way shallow, smiling to the warm, let the heart always carries a touch of green, to the blooming way.


Life is a long journey, the way forward, there are joy, there are worries. After after the time, if it can be peace of mind, dream far, the time will be quiet good An Tian. Have been convinced that life to send you a haze, will not far away you also a ray of sunshine. People's life will always experience pain, parting, disappointed troubles, as long as the hope that the dark will have a bright light.


In the Tolerance insisted, in the suffering of the fingers interlocking, love and time blending, the sun will overflow the atrium. No matter how hard life, no matter how much wind and frost after the rain and snow, that know you know your people, always stubbornly left in your side, the most beautiful life, is from the depths of the soul of the Qing Huan.


Born in the north, like the four seasons in the north, like the northerners that thick and bright smile. Cold northwest, if the winter less snow, like Jiangnan less bridge water, no flavor. I just want to live quietly in this small town, spare time, I can listen to the snow, write, love a person. I have seen the most affectionate face and the softest smile, in the cool world among the lights, like to give me the ability to get through. Even if the winter, facing the tenderness of the eyes like spring, hand in the white world, sunny place, that is where the happiness. I would like to take a touch of warmth, with you into this tender years ... ...


There are too many scenery in the world, some have been forgotten, and some have been in the heart to take root. A leaf and know autumn, a picture should also be a story, as one of the deep meaning, is not known. This life has you, I am worthwhile trip, heart compassion, thanks time to give me warm, and you give me everything, must have deep meaning.


The warmth of the heart, even in the cold wind and cold winter night, still breeds thousands of warm. I keep the silence of the night, as guarding you, that love, through the storm years. That affection, in the self-evident know. After many misfortunes and stumbling, know how to cherish, know only understand each other support, to go farther. This life, I just want you, as long as you are, just fine.


Like a quiet night, unloading a day of fatigue, you can lazily lying on the sofa, quietly think about mind or someone, or soak a cup of Pu'er to read books, listen to music. Distant, light glass waterfront, misty, dim. Let the sky of the snow to my thoughts to your side, so that the cold wind to my tripta sent to your heart. In Su Xue swirling to listen to the mind, in a touch of cold lonely warm nostalgia. My world has you, so warm ...


There is always a beautiful encounter on the way to life. When you meet you, everything is like a long-awaited language, no gorgeous language, no special arrangements, so you are so quietly appear in front of me, appear in My ordinary life. A touch of poetry, a touch of crystal, a touch from the depths of the soul flowing out of the mood, winter, we support each other, mutual heating, because of you, I will not be alone, you, gave me the most true love, you Gave me the deepest touched! For you, I would like to write in the text chanting; for you, I would like to do the world gentle woman. Silently waiting, just as a cup of tea around the fragrance, warm the time of life.


Season circulation, those poems written in the fall, has been covered with moss, and you have been so quietly with me, you will not say a lot of love words, but will do a lot of things I touched warm heart. Winter, quiet, such as a clear water, all the worries will go away with the wind. Even there will be snow and snow struck, silently you always keep me in the past, give me shelter. The nearest leaf is the wind; the closest to me is the warmth of your eyes.


Always think that only a clear conscience to do things, seriously seriously, and then, throw away the gorgeous things and impetuous, cold outside the temptation and confusion, in the soft heart, to restore their own costs really self. Like, tonight's hometown, the moon is particularly bright, guarding a window of moonlight, surrounded by a fire, the heart is quiet, the situation is warm. Open the new computer you prepared for me, quietly tapping the keyboard, word, one, a simple oneself, a flowering time, nice!


Time, inadvertently drift away, suddenly look back, the calendar has turned a new page, the old is our face, the same is still the pace of forward, and sinking love for life heart of. This year, we have had pleasure, have been successful, but also had frustration and pain, all walked all the growth and experience. Believe that life is fair to everyone, as long as the pay will be harvested.


There is hope in my heart, eyes are blooming, love life, love yourself, love everything, safe with a warm, even cotton linen, thick tea and rice, it is also a happy. Life, there is no eternal beauty, leaving a can remember the warmth, we can abundance of our increasingly full of soul. The moon is still according to clear windows, through the cold winter, let us smile, ushered in the bright spring!

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