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Måndag den 29 Maj 2017, kl 04:00

1. Boost your self-esteem

The first and the most effective step that will certainly move the situation off the dead center is boosting your self-esteem. By all means, you should have absolute confidence in everything you do. But how can you build absolute confidence? Every time you follow through any action or idea, you gain confidence, strength and courage.

Furthermore, it’s extremely important not to take everything close to heart, because chronic stress and anxiety can damage your self-esteem. The quicker you become resistant and numb to public opinion and criticism, the faster you’ll achieve success. Psychologists also advice not to compare yourself and your life to others. You’d better pay attention to your life affairs and praise yourself for your own accomplishments. It will fill your heart with enthusiasm and desire to get involved in new projects and activities again.

2. Set realistic goals

Why do we often lose interest and fail to accomplish our goals? I think that big dreams and expectations aren’t always beyond the strength. Wise people usually advice to bite not more than you can chew. Sometimes it’s better to start from nothing. Step by step, you’ll understand what you really want to achieve and how can you do it.

It’s normal to have big dreams, but when it goes about their realization, you’d better try to be more realistic. Realists have more chances to become highly successful, because they’re always moving in the right direction. It’s important to see the difference between realistic and unrealistic goals. Write down the goal and try to take a fresh look at it. If you find out that you can do nothing to achieve it right now, then you should shift your focus on realistic goals that will move you closer to unrealistic ones.

3. Don’t be an overthinker

All people who tend to overthink and analyze every little thing are very wise, but often unhappy personalities. Their obsessive critical thinking doesn’t let them make a step towards change and happiness. A few years ago, I fell into the trap of overthinking as well. I pulled out all the stops to avoid taking risks, because I was afraid of all possible negative consequences. A bit later, I realized that constant and pointless overthinking cost me a lot of energy and time. I didn’t want that habit to mud my name and damage my confidence. I decided to be less self-critical and turn my thoughts and intentions into actions. This wise decision helped me break the cycle of obsessive thoughts and focus on my goals in a quite short period of time.

4. Develop your inner strength

Do you believe that strong willpower can improve the quality of your life and make you more successful? Willpower is the sign of your inner strength. Only willpower can help you make a conquest of the main enemies of human nature. People with a strong willpower can easily resist different temptations, get rid of fears and overcome laziness. If you feel that your willpower leaves a lot to be desired, then you shouldn’t get down in the mouth.

I know some secrets that will certainly boost your willpower and motivate you to move on. Let your best friends know that you’re going to improve your personality and learn how to follow through. From time to time, you should report them on your plans, intentions and achievements. Let them control your activity and stimulate the process of your behavior change. If you don’t have good friends, you can find a good mentor. They will help you find the source of strong emotions inside you. I know that it’s easier to overcome despair and negativity together.

5. Note down your plans and tasks

It’s incredibly difficult to store large amounts of both useful and unnecessary information in your mind. Almost all highly successful businesswomen keep notebooks or organizers close at hand. Doctors state that information overload can have negative influence on human mental well-being and reduce your productivity.

Nowadays it’s crucially important to set priorities and learn to concentrate on things that are really meaningful. At the beginning of the day you should create a to-do list. Write down all things and tasks you’re going to do during the day. Do your best to resist the temptation of procrastination and never step back.

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