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Fredag den 18 Augusti 2017, kl 04:00

There are four seasons in our life. in the four seasons of our life, we walk through the spring and summer, into the silent autumn of our life, and the weather some cool, some xuqing yellow, but this is a harvest season, the rice begins to bloom, the fruit begins to ripen, and the nature supplies the fruit to the people, like our life, spring harvest, and we harvest the fruit of life, we shine the warm sun on the left, the fruit of the time on the right, middle age, like a bottle of vintage wine, it has begun to smell its fragrance 


Cherish day young husband and wife, now has become a light old wife, light went to me, NN love, the rest of the family, less romantic feelings, more thoughtful care, love has evolved into a kind of affection, a kind of dependency blood thicker than water, this kind of affection, it carved in our blood, is in our life, inseparable. Perhaps, it looks like how ordinary, perhaps, we are accustomed to, do not care; Maybe, we are busy, so, but no matter what difficulties we encounter, where to go? It is like a shadow with shape, accompanied by left and right, not to abandon. 


The photo album in the youth freeze frame at that moment, the photos have begun to yellow, the handwriting is beginning to blur, it seems precious! Fortunately, when young met the lover, after suffering and total of, we are still in the same! Time to wash the lead, leaving a long time, really we together a white head. 


A few decades of wind and rain, bumpy bumpy bumpy, with each other, no need too much speech, a look can understand each other's mind, occasionally, but also quarrel angry, but do not care, mutual understanding of tolerance, cherish. The old time took away some of life's closest relatives, let us realize the autumn's sha, taste the lonely life, life is not only the beautiful spring, summer bright, and autumn cold, autumn, there are overcast and rainy fog and the blue, there are rainbow. In autumn, we realized some of the meaning of life! If spring is the germination, summer is prosperity, then, in the autumn, we should have convergence, life should also agree with the four seasons? In the autumn of life, there should be a kind of quiet beauty, like the wild lily in the shan ye, light in the yuan ye, and no dispute with the world! 


In the autumn of life, we may not be old? There is still time to make up for some of the shortcomings of life, such as kindness to the close relatives and friends; For example, to correct their mistakes, people, are not saints, who can have no fault? For example, and misunderstood the friend to repair the relationship, let himself be worthy. The age of this season, has not allowed us to make mistakes, because there is no time to let us correct mistakes, so we have to and do and cherish. 


Human life is only once, we must understand respect to cherish ourselves, in fact, cherish oneself is also a kind of respect for others, and become the burden of others, not as healthy living, with dignity alive. 


Autumn, if there is time, well accompanied by the people, don't spend time in the glass of the night light red wine green, these are not so important! In the past years, we have lost too much, too much regret can not make up, the river did not ferry people, this side and the other side of forever has no intersection, between people, the edge of the long, no one is clear? Perhaps, a shoulder is always. 


Autumn is also very beautiful, we do not need sad, at the very least, this is a harvest season, we harvested the results of marriage and family, harvest the fruit of the career, we have a stable life, the life of a person, happiness is not. 


Autumn, some people bemoan the autumn autumn sorrow, some people praise the quiet beauty, praise the fruits of autumn, we do not need to worry about the cool and cool of the autumn fruits, in every season, nature has given it special significance, the season of life is so.

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