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Fredag den 18 Augusti 2017, kl 04:00

Clear water, cloud cirrus Shu, point a wisp of acacia, read tenderness, the night gradually, the bottom of the heart, blink, into a permanent miss, in the midnight humor, the soft debris pick up, scrutinize, gently splicing, that is the acquiescence of a person. 


The moon is strong, just drink the nectar of jade, from the fingers sliding to sadness, a kind of acacia two idle sorrow, scattered silver in front of the bed, is the trace of silent time passing through the fleeting time, is from the distance miss, perhaps far away, still a full moon, the pool next plaster, is also to pass through the past miss. 


In the heat of the heat, the frog and the cicadas sing, and touch the innumerable Throb, and no longer have the distant whispers and whispers in the ear, but the heart still retains the care and attachment, no longer there, only tender feelings light, a kind of love sorrow, only to frown on the heart. 


Hands pick up god give this copy, think of me, it seems that last night westerly wind, alone on the high - rise, look at the Tianya road, can not see the eyes, acacia, the green Yang Qingrou and this feeling of contact, it became a kind of deformity and fortitude, even when the door deep lock, also lock heart this sentimental attachment. 


Raised his head, the vast galaxy, the stars point, no foil, vaguely scattered in a few soft light, only a crescent moon, hanging in the sky alone. No longer understand why you are so lonely, the only way to express the only feelings, only sorrow. 


No intention to pick up the numerous red dust, no memory of countless beautiful once, only by himself, waiting, meditation, the remaining in the bottom of my heart, night sleep, the past memories trance like clouds, drunk flowers, the hands with eyes. 


Looking back, in the depths of time, that is home, time clear, not knowing what to become, time flies, years like songs, time in the fingers between fingers, between the fingers, between the pitch, has become a thing of the past, the time of love, ink into fragrance, the eyes, read and read, at this moment, still remember, still sad.


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