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Fredag den 17 November 2017, kl 08:00

By Bipin Preet Singh


The announcement last year by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discontinue Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes will go down in history as a harbinger of a digital revolution in India.


With over one billion mobile phone users and having the second-largest online population in the world (after China), India already has the groundwork for an explosive growth in mobile internet, digital payments, cloud computing and the internet of things.


McKinsey estimates these technologies to deliver an annual economic impact of USD 500 billion to USD 1 trillion per year by 2025 in India.


That would represent 20 to 30 percent of India’s incremental economic growth between 2012 and 2025.


However, as most digital transformation across industries and countries continues to unfold, the people dimension of these transformations has emerged as the key.


Leadership development and external talent acquisition may require entirely different and innovative approaches in the new digital environments.


Take the case of digital payments sector in India. It is estimated to grow to USD 500 billion by 2020, up from roughly USD 50 billion last year.


Driving this growth would rest on budding talents, technologists, the academia and fin-tech experts.


Premier academic institutions such as the IITs and the NITs, besides the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore can practically make a big contribution in this respect, starting specialized branches in keeping with the industry requirements.


The next level of growth would come from future technologies which graduates from these institutes can churn out, new concepts and scalable ideas which would deliver additional value to consumers.


In this game, whoever does the best job of getting best recall, delivering best user experience, will win the race.


A lot of movement is already visible in the fintech space as wallet majors are tying up with banks and NBFCs to offer a host of financial product and services including loans and insurance.


Innovation in delivery of services born out of this alliance would rest on developing cutting edge technologies.


Expansion in the offline world would also to a great extend depend on ease of doing transactions as well as the ease of doing payments on online sites for rail or air ticket.


All of this calls for creation of a pool of talent who can help realise these objectives.


Already, the value of digital transactions post demonetization has jumped 80 per cent and the amount is expected to touch Rs 1800 crore backed by Government’s extra push to realize the mission of a cashless economy.


New age payment gateways with robust security features can only support such large volumes of transactions.


This can be delivered by a rich pool of talent. The platforms have to be upgraded security features and safety features to thwart cyber crime etc.


RBI’s recent guidelines on inter-operability between digital wallets bring with them a host of opportunities for innovations in the payment space and the coming times would stand testimony to this.


Helping the rural populace, with limited access to internet and broadband connectivity, derive the benefits of digital payment is a challenge that talent in hand can help address.


The challenge is to help farmers get access to more buyers, enabling them to run a more profitable business and paving the way to a cashless agricultural sector.


A cashless India is a dream of the Indian Government and this can be met by an employee pool which can drive innovation.

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Onsdag den 8 November 2017, kl 05:00

Degree I malnutrition: mental state is normal. Weight less than normal 15% -25%, abdominal wall thickness of 0.8 cm -0.4 cm subcutaneous fat, dry skin, height does not affect.


Degree II malnutrition: lack of energy, restlessness, weakened muscle tone, muscle relaxation, weight less than normal 25% -40%, abdominal subcutaneous fat thickness of less than 0.4 cm, pale skin, dry, dull hair, lower than normal .


Ⅲ degree of malnutrition: spiritual wilt, drowsiness and irritability alternately appear, mental retardation, muscle atrophy, hypotonia, weight below normal 40%, abdominal subcutaneous fat disappears, forehead wrinkles, the elderly face. Skin pale, dry, inelastic, dry hair, height significantly lower than normal, often hypothermia, pulse slow, loss of appetite, constipation, severe cases may be due to serum protein clearance decreased malnutrition edema An oil vaporizer runs on oil vape pen battery which needs charging. Now imagine one that takes long hour to pre-heat! Isn\'t that irritating? So, it\'s always better to buy an oil vape pen battery from reputed online sites!.


Malnutrition symptoms in children


1, changes in mood: a large number of research data show that bad mood, especially when abnormal changes should be suspected of some of the body's nutrients have been lacking. Melancholy, unresponsive, numb expressions, indicating that the body lacks protein and iron, should eat more aquatic products, meat, dairy products, animal blood, egg yolks and other high-protein, high-speed rail food. Worried, panicky, insomnia, forgetfulness, said the lack of b vitamins in the body at this time to add some beans, animal liver, walnuts and other b vitamins rich foods of great benefit. Perseverance, timid, mostly due to vitamin a, b, c and calcium intake caused by inadequate, so animal liver, fish, shrimp, milk, fruits and vegetables and other foods should be made up.


2, facial "bugs": facial "bugs" refers to appear in the child's face one or a few pigmentation, round or oval patches, the beginning of the red, turn pale, clear edge, the top cover A small amount of small scales, and mild itching feeling. In addition to the face, the upper arm, neck or shoulder, etc. can be seen. Folk believes that this spot is a sign of parasitic worms in the stomach of a child, so there is a "bug spot". It is not true. This change, characterized by superficial, dry scaly, light-colored spots, is actually a skin disease called pityriasis prickle, an early sign of malnutrition that is also due to lack of vitamins. So when your child grows "bug spot", never give it to the child just by doing this. The correct way is to adjust the recipe, increase the color of the food, make up the vitamins and guide the doctor if necessary Take vitamin pills under.


3, behavior abnormalities: do not like to deal with, isolated behavior, clumsy movements, mostly due to lack of vitamin C in the body, in the diet to increase the rich foods such as tomatoes, oranges, apples, cabbage and lettuce is the best treatment method. The secret is that the methyl salicylate and vitamin C contained in these foods enhances the neurotransmitter's message to relieve or eliminate the symptoms.


Torsdag den 17 Augusti 2017, kl 05:00

Life is movement, however, it is cold now, exercise may be less attention may not achieve the desired effect. Data show that this sports injury than other seasons to 30% higher. According to their own exercise experience and encountered in clinical cases, the following summarizes some of the precautions exercise, I hope to be helpful to everyone.


Precautions for exercise


1, exercise should not be too large. Winter exercise on the human body thermal energy consumption, fatigue. Exercise time and intensity of self-induced fatigue as the first principle, too tired, the decline in human immunity, not only can not exercise physical, but will take the pathogen take advantage of, worth the candle. Exactly how much exercise should be based on self-perception to judge, after exercise, the body relaxed, happy, full of energy, good sleep, indicating more appropriate exercise control; If you feel very tired after exercise, and even after a rest overnight fatigue Feeling, and dizziness, palpitation, nausea, loss of appetite, weakness, poor sleep and other symptoms, it shows excessive exercise.


2, warm-up time is longer. Warm-up activities before the winter sports must be fully done, otherwise it is likely because of low temperature, lower body extensibility of the muscles, joints more rigid, resulting in muscle strain and joint sprain. Under normal circumstances, warm-up activities before exercise in about 5 minutes, but the winter should double the time to do warm-up, the best to reach 10 to 15 minutes. Warm-up is best to do when the first dynamic stretching, and then do a certain intensity of walking or jogging, etc., until slightly sweating, pores open so far.


3, clothes can not be too tight or too thick, do not wear a mask. Winter exercise to wear light and soft clothing, not too tight, you can start to wear more, warm-up until the body heat and begin to sweat, then take off the extra clothes. Need to be reminded that the winter running do not wear masks, because most masks are not breathable, running air circulation gathered in the mask, not only lack of fresh oxygen, but will inhale too much waste carbon dioxide, dizziness, shortness of breath. If you are afraid of cold air, you can use a triangular towel to keep the wind warm.


4, it is best not to breathe. Cold weather when the main exercise should be breathing with your nose, do not open your mouth. Because the nasal mucosa of the blood vessels rich, curved channels, inhaled cold air has a warming and moist role, to avoid cold air directly stimulate the throat and cause respiratory infections, sore throat and cough. Such as large amount of exercise, only nasal suction can not meet the oxygen, it is necessary to help with the mouth to breathe. Under normal circumstances, the mouth open, the upper teeth gently touch the lower lip, tongue slightly lick the upper jaw, cold air through the seams into the tongue blocked suction, it will not seriously irritate the respiratory tract.


What kind of exercise is suitable


1, skiing


One of winter's most essential sports is skiing, which gives you speed and body balance, coordination and flexibility. The exercise is not intense, but it can exercise the whole body. It can be compared to the head, neck, hand, wrist, elbow, arm, shoulder, waist, leg, knee and ankle, Good exercise, activate a stiff body, making the body more flexible, reduce excess fat.


Before doing ice sports, be sure to prepare enough warm clothing, should try to wear professional ski suits, gloves, ski caps. Due to the strong reflection of sunlight on the snow, to avoid snow blindness, wear professional ski goggles. In the process of exercise, according to the degree of body heat may be appropriate to reduce clothing, improve human comfort. After the exercise, we should close the indoor venues as soon as possible to avoid suffering the cold The best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil cartridge filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!.


2, jogging


Because human muscles and ligaments in the case of low temperature reflex can cause vasoconstriction, increased viscosity, reduced stretch, joint activity decreases, a slight movement will easily lead to strain. So we can turn a regular run into a jog while changing the morning run to ten o'clock in the morning or afternoon. This can effectively avoid excessive body consumption, but also to avoid harm to the body.


When people are running outdoors in winter, they should wear warm, thick clothes. When temperatures, customs, and other conditions change, you can put on or take off layers to accommodate the changes. At the same time you should make sure that underwear has a high breathability, which prevents excessive sweat from building around your body during winter runs. Of course, you have to prepare a breathable jacket made of windproof and waterproof material.


3, Pilates


Pilates with Pilates is more focused on core muscle workouts. Pilates is also a sport with a small amount of exercise but a heavy exercise. Yoga is stretched and it focuses more on plasticity. Although the winter has come, but the beauty of the MM who do not give up on their own body, in the warm room laying a mat to practice pilates on the waistline to maintain a very beneficial drop.


Office workers with less exercise often sedentary, easy to lower circulatory problems caused by poor edema, the use of lateral leg lift to improve edema problems before bed, but also can stretch the lateral thigh muscles, legs feel more slender. Lay flat and knees so feet on the bed, his hands open to both sides naturally. Legs knees to the right down, and the left leg straight to the right elevation, the right hand to the left foot toe, stay for 20 seconds after the swap operation, each done 4 under.


Fredag den 11 Augusti 2017, kl 09:00

Pig organs are the same size as human organs and function pretty much the same way, but pig to human transplantation has long been an elusive goal for researchers due to fear of activating dormant viral diseases in the pig’s cells Derma 21 hard sell.

But there’s hope on the horizon, thanks to a new study out in Science today involving CRISPR’d piglets. Researchers in the study used the gene-editing technology to effectively cut out a porcine endogenous retrovirus (PERV) commonly found throughout pig bodies.

The findings represent an important breakthrough in the potential for xenotransplantation, or the use of animal organs in humans. Currently there are more than 117,000 men, women and children on the donor waiting list in the U.S., 22 of whom die each day from lack of a matching donor. The ability to use a pig heart, lungs or other body parts could shore up the shortage and save numerous lives.

This is the first time researchers have been able to demonstrate they were able to inactivate PERV and open the way for xenotransplantation without cross-species contamination Derma 21 hard sell.

The company behind the study, eGenesis, which was founded by Harvard genome godfather George Church and Luhan Yang, says it used a technique involving a combination of CRISPR and a method preventing primary cell death during the editing process to inactivate all 62 copies of PERV in piglet embryos. Those embryos were then implanted in sows, growing to fully formed piglets, free of PERV.

CRISPR holds enormous potential to wipe out diseases in both humans and animals, upend our food system and has many other applications we likely don’t see yet. Just last week, U.S. scientists were able to demonstrate they could successfully CRISPR out a faulty heart gene mutation in human embryos. However, there is still a lot to take into account before applying the technology to fully formed human beings.

eGenesis says it will continue to monitor the piglets for any long-term effects and, according to Yang, will also “further engineer the PERV-free pig strain to deliver safe and effective xenotransplantation Derma 21 hard sell.”


Onsdag den 2 Augusti 2017, kl 09:00

By now, even people who live under rocks know that Beyoncé has shared the names and first images of her twins, who were born on June 13 or 14. World, meet Sir Carter and Rumi, who join their big sister Blue Ivy as our #lifegoals.  reenex


Since the name reveal was a capital-B Big Deal, internet theories abound. While we can't speak to the validity of any of these hunches, there's one in particular we really hope is true. Sir Carter's name might be slightly unconventional, but there's another pretty important Sir in Beyoncé's life, and that's her longtime makeup artist Sir John.  reenex


While he's painted the faces of everyone from Naomi Campbell to Kim Kardashian West, Sir John's arguably best known for the work he's done with Beyoncé. He was the official makeup artist for her Formation World Tour and 2017 Grammys, where we all know she debuted her baby bump in all of its golden glory. In short, they're close pals. Close enough to be the inspiration for Sir Carter's name? 


Again, this is all speculation, but we love the idea of a diva naming her child after someone from her glam squad. For the record, Sir John himself is just as excited as we are about welcoming his potential namesake and Rumi into the world reenex.


Torsdag den 27 Juli 2017, kl 11:00

Is the night Stew a pot of radish sirloin, Sheng bowl, bow lying on the bowl heard a smell, filled with hot air threw himself on the glasses, off the glasses, with a wooden tsp scoop a little, slowly entrance, some hot, suck it suck Mouth, turned out to be surprisingly fragrant dr bk laser.


Soup and did not put any valuable seasoning and nourishing herbs, only radish, sirloin, water and salt, simple, refreshing cool, delicious is probably because of a long time some.


Boil for a long time, is a very interesting word, in the dishes, in life, the truth is like one A few years, the day flies more difficult, always run into a wall, also in the middle of the night crying Asked his father, "why I am so hard, but not harvest? Is not a bit of a job?"


Father replied: "A long time will always harvest."


Like the vast expanse of wheat in the field, although the cold and sour of the twelfth lunar month, although in the spring simmering awkward jump up, but even if the poor one second boil the summer, the wheat can not The sun is emitting golden light.


Boil soon, even worse, the wheat will not bow, beef soup will not be delicious, things will not work. Avenue to Jane, cooking seems to cook a porridge soup, but contains thousands of the world, is not it dr bk laser?


Speaking of food by the way of life, there is a person had to mention, that is, Wang Zengqi. His "talk about eating", the text understand the words, his right, the origin of ingredients, diners taste and feast of the atmosphere is right and wrong. This bitter and bitter taste of life, lingering in the tongue, the love of life is also vividly on the paper, secular fireworks and piano Yiyun match, not against.


Wang Zengqi talked about a fried spinach in Kunming is very delicious, why? Great oil, fire evenly, taste very beautiful. He and Chua Lan to eat the same view, respected Yuan Mei "with the garden single" in the "vegetarian meat do". This is talking about the use of meat to add the richness of vegetarian, simple food to dig a different style. Like Artemisia fried bacon, single fried wild marshes, will be some Sentimental, difficult to import, but in the cooking time, add a little bit of bacon taste, it is much different, more taste of the reed fresh.


Real "vegetarian dishes do" actually from Chaozhou cuisine. Chaoshan people believe that vegan food intolerant hunger, and Guaoyou tasteless, to make food delicious delicious, must be combined with meat and vegetables to achieve.


"Dream of Red Mansions" forty-one back, Jia Baoyu once said: "These broken leaves hateful, how not Jiaoren pulled?" Daoshi Lin Daiyu remembered the beauty of listening to the rain, talking about Li Shangyin that poem, "bamboo dock Clean water threshold clear, Acacia tread across the city. Qiuyin scattered frost fly late, stay left to listen to the rain sound. "Autumn night solitary, by the day pouring a rain, raindrops beat in the residual charge, Crisp ring, such as bell, like the sounds of nature, people can faint in the bustling desolate, heart calmly on the dry, wait and see things mature and open-minded.


Painting a painting, looking for a love, and cooking is no different, less than those who seem to be scattered, but in fact there are, tasty match. Vegetables a prime a dirty, fragrant enough. Painting and writing of a lonely a rich, into the Zenhua territory. Love the temper of a hurry a slow, a hero heroic a gentle water, each other arm, love and together.


This world everything, the truth, in fact, but also a bowl of human fireworks dr bk laser.


Måndag den 29 Maj 2017, kl 05:00

It’s about time you get rid of those bashful tendencies and own up to the fact that you have some pretty enviable qualities. Sure there are days that you wish you were somewhere or someone else, but the fact is, people wish they were you. It’s easy to discredit this thought, believing rather that with the flaws you have and the mistakes you’ve made, surely there is another more suitable candidate for others to aspire to be, but you’re wrong. As far as those flaws and mistakes go, no one is perfect. You deserve all this adoration. Here’s why:

You’re Intelligent.

Defined as the ability to learn and understand things, intelligence is unique to every person. When you truly think about it, everyone carries a great deal of knowledge about some particular topic. Whether you have the ability to solve complex chemical equations or you’re very crafty when it comes to repairing cars – your talents and knowledge lie in special areas.  Who wouldn’t want to know as much as you do concerning the one thing you’re most passionate about? You’re awesome at it and it really shows .

You Have the Voice of an Angel.

Or maybe you don’t.  But when you’re hanging out or driving around with the stereo up, it doesn’t matter how horribly out-of-tune you may be, your favorite line of a song is coming up so there’s no doubt you’re going to sing along. That song matches your mood perfectly today, and it feels great to belt out that melody. Just think of everyone that’s stuck at work or in a quiet classroom that can’t rock out the way you can. They’re wishing they were you.

You Created a Human.

Or maybe you didn’t. That’s cool too. You’re confident in the decision you made to have your little one, to wait until you’re more stable, or to be completely content with no children at all. You fully acknowledge however, that simply having the ability to procreate is amazing.  Even if for whatever reason the option is not open to you, remember that you yourself were the result of amazing circumstances. The whole process of conception and growth are mind-blowing, but you already knew that.

You’re Hilarious.

You may not be aware of just how funny you are. Do others begin to grin before you can even get a word out? Do they crack up and call you silly when you’re just being yourself? That tends to happen to funny people. Funny people have the ability to tell a simple story and unintentionally provoke laughter. It’s a gift. Own it.

You Dream Big.

Never one to miss out on letting others know your goals, you remind your family and friends that you’ll own your own business, finish writing your book or that once you’re earning the kind of money that allows you to make those large purchases, you’ll buy your mom a new car.  You may even daydream about home improvement projects that you’ll eventually get time to accomplish. Although your dreams are varied, they are achievable because you make it so. You’ll keep working at it until they become real. Not everyone has that kind of work ethic.

You Have a Supportive Family.

You understand that family dynamics differ greatly. Some people are members of a huge family that share the same last name and distinctive features. Then there’s the people who have a blended family made up of halves, steps and adopted individuals – some of whom they’re close to and others, not so much. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Those family members that share a connection have the ability to encourage one another and make it known that even in times that they feel alone, they’re never truly alone .

All families aren’t made up of those that are related. Some families consist of a tightly knit group of individuals who trust and rely on each other for fun just as much as they rely on one another for support.

Then there’s you. You weren’t particularly close to all of your family members but you did however, start a family of your own. No one can rival the bond you have with your kids. Plenty of people long for that.

The List Goes On.

One of the most desirable traits that you carry is your ability to admit to failures, accept them and move on. If only everyone could learn to do that.  Actually, there’s a whole list of things that make you pretty awesome. You’ve got people wishing they were you because:

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