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Torsdag den 27 Juli 2017, kl 11:00

Is the night Stew a pot of radish sirloin, Sheng bowl, bow lying on the bowl heard a smell, filled with hot air threw himself on the glasses, off the glasses, with a wooden tsp scoop a little, slowly entrance, some hot, suck it suck Mouth, turned out to be surprisingly fragrant dr bk laser.


Soup and did not put any valuable seasoning and nourishing herbs, only radish, sirloin, water and salt, simple, refreshing cool, delicious is probably because of a long time some.


Boil for a long time, is a very interesting word, in the dishes, in life, the truth is like one A few years, the day flies more difficult, always run into a wall, also in the middle of the night crying Asked his father, "why I am so hard, but not harvest? Is not a bit of a job?"


Father replied: "A long time will always harvest."


Like the vast expanse of wheat in the field, although the cold and sour of the twelfth lunar month, although in the spring simmering awkward jump up, but even if the poor one second boil the summer, the wheat can not The sun is emitting golden light.


Boil soon, even worse, the wheat will not bow, beef soup will not be delicious, things will not work. Avenue to Jane, cooking seems to cook a porridge soup, but contains thousands of the world, is not it dr bk laser?


Speaking of food by the way of life, there is a person had to mention, that is, Wang Zengqi. His "talk about eating", the text understand the words, his right, the origin of ingredients, diners taste and feast of the atmosphere is right and wrong. This bitter and bitter taste of life, lingering in the tongue, the love of life is also vividly on the paper, secular fireworks and piano Yiyun match, not against.


Wang Zengqi talked about a fried spinach in Kunming is very delicious, why? Great oil, fire evenly, taste very beautiful. He and Chua Lan to eat the same view, respected Yuan Mei "with the garden single" in the "vegetarian meat do". This is talking about the use of meat to add the richness of vegetarian, simple food to dig a different style. Like Artemisia fried bacon, single fried wild marshes, will be some Sentimental, difficult to import, but in the cooking time, add a little bit of bacon taste, it is much different, more taste of the reed fresh.


Real "vegetarian dishes do" actually from Chaozhou cuisine. Chaoshan people believe that vegan food intolerant hunger, and Guaoyou tasteless, to make food delicious delicious, must be combined with meat and vegetables to achieve.


"Dream of Red Mansions" forty-one back, Jia Baoyu once said: "These broken leaves hateful, how not Jiaoren pulled?" Daoshi Lin Daiyu remembered the beauty of listening to the rain, talking about Li Shangyin that poem, "bamboo dock Clean water threshold clear, Acacia tread across the city. Qiuyin scattered frost fly late, stay left to listen to the rain sound. "Autumn night solitary, by the day pouring a rain, raindrops beat in the residual charge, Crisp ring, such as bell, like the sounds of nature, people can faint in the bustling desolate, heart calmly on the dry, wait and see things mature and open-minded.


Painting a painting, looking for a love, and cooking is no different, less than those who seem to be scattered, but in fact there are, tasty match. Vegetables a prime a dirty, fragrant enough. Painting and writing of a lonely a rich, into the Zenhua territory. Love the temper of a hurry a slow, a hero heroic a gentle water, each other arm, love and together.


This world everything, the truth, in fact, but also a bowl of human fireworks dr bk laser.