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Tisdag den 15 Augusti 2017, kl 09:00

With the rapid development of science and technology, the demand for energy is increasing, and the development and utilization of new energy has become a major problem. One chance, I visited the wind power station in tzen port, which gave me the idea of wind power. Halfway up the hill, I looked around and saw big windmills rising from the ground to the top of the prime, towering into the clouds. The huge blades whirled and sucked in the inexhaustible wind of nature. I couldn't wait to get to the wind farm at the top of the mountain and to the foot of the windmill. The windmill was like a giant at this moment fuel mix, and I was very small beside it. The base of the windmill, the white tower, is about forty or fifty meters high, with long rotor blades on top, and each rotor blade is about 20 meters long. I looked at the whirring blades and asked, "uncle, the wind of nature, sometimes big, sometimes small, when the wind energy turns into electricity, is it too small?" Uncle said with a smile: "wind turbine due to the air volume is not stable, its output is 13-25 v alternating current change, must be the charger rectifier, recharging the battery again, make the wind generator produces electrical energy into chemical energy. Then the chemical energy in the battery can be converted into ac 220V to ensure stable use. "Oh, I see." "How much wind power can generate electricity?" "Based on the current windmill technology, at about three meters per second (the degree of wind), you can start generating electricity. Because the higher the ground, the greater the wind speed, so our towers are built on top of the mountain." Then my uncle opened the windmill's cabin for us, and we walked excitedly into the windmill's belly, looking curiously at everything inside. It's clean, and there's not much equipment. "Uncle, inside only this kind of equipment, how to generate electricity?" "I asked curiously. "Wind power is the use of wind power to drive the windmill blades spinning, and then the speed of rotation will be increased through the growth machine to generate electricity generated by the generator. The relevant motor, battery and other equipment are mostly in the upper part of the tower, which you can't see. Back home, I found the benefits of wind power generation on the web, found that the wind power can reduce carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, dust and other emissions, do not destroy the ozone layer, new energy is very clean. Like zhoushan cen Hong Kong wind farm, it can provide 895.6 million clean energy for zhoushan power grid every year. Compared with the same amount of electricity generated, the standard coal is about 3 per year. 390000 tons. Now, in many places, such as white, small sand and golden pond in our hometown, we can see the power of wind turbines. They are like giants, adding to the economic construction of our city.


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