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Torsdag den 27 Juli 2017, kl 12:00
Wine actually has many kinds, know good to drink not enough, the most important is to want to know which kind of drink, with small make up, familiar with the classification of wine WSET diploma! color-coded Red wine Most are made from red wine (and a handful of red wine mixed with a small amount of white grapes). Red wine comes mainly from black, red grape skins. White wine Made from white grapes or red grapes. Although have white grape raw materials also have red grapes, but red and white grape fermentation should be carried out again after juicing, only white grapes in the brewing process will be carried out in low temperature immersion skin, the pigment in the skin without release into wine, white wine is not appearing so red color, but the color of the grape juice wine tasting course. Pink wine (also known as pink wine) Pink wine is usually made from red grapes (PinotNior, Zinfandel, Zinfandel). After a short period of leaching before fermentation, the pink color will stay after the brewing. According to the content of sugar in liquor Dry type The usual dry red, dry white is the dry type wine, the amount of sugar in the wine is not more than 4 grams - liter. Semi-dry type Between dry and sweet, the amount of sugar is between 4 and 12 gram-litres, which can tell a faint sweetness 通渠佬. Sweet type Wines with a sugar content of 45 grams or more are truly sweet wines, and many young women or those just trying wine prefer sweet wines. Ice wine, your rotten wine is a sweet wine.

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