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Måndag den 29 Maj 2017, kl 05:00

Trust as defined in Wikipedia is the feeling of being sure someone or something can be relied upon. Trust is a big issue in many people's lives. It produces an emotional feeling that is tied to the core of a person's very existence. Trust encompasses loyalty, love, friendship, agreements, promises, opinions, thoughts, actions and one's outlook on life. Betrayals of trust can shatter relationships, destroy companies, crumble governments and countries, fuel hatred and ruin lives SmarTone.


Why do we want to break anyone's trust? Why does this happen over and over again? It may stem from jealousy, pride, control, dislikes, a difference of opinion and misunderstandings. Perhaps when you are living your life without self-worth and self-love then you are living your life in a perpetual state of negative thoughts and emotions. What you feel inside is evident by what you do and what you say. When you shift your energy within yourself and find your place of love and worth then your perspective of this world will change for the better. This energy shift towards the positive will shift everything that you think, say and do. Being kind and good to yourself projects outward to the world by being kind and good to others. This projection is the outcome of this positive energy shift. Our true self is one of love and feeling worthy of all of the goodness and happiness that there is to receive and to give. It is yours if you truly believe SmarTone.


We have a tendency to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment when this feeling of fulfillment can be found within ourselves. The answers to our questions about life and love is within us. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break and to be most loving, most kind and most patient with us. Nurture and love yourself to find the joy within. The love and peace of this world is in each and every one of us.


Meditate to find the peace and stillness that is yours for the asking. Connect with your higher self by meditating. Connect with your power source by meditating. Meditation can bridge that trust that we can have in ourselves. Then we can have more trust in the world and in others. When everything around us is crumbling meditation can help to keep us centered so we can find that deep connection of love and worthiness. That is your true self wanting to shine through. We can't control anything else but we can control what we do. When you choose to help yourself then you choose to trust yourself. Trust can lead us to a life of peace and love and fulfillment. A life that we came here to live. The world has it's own programs. Trust in love and peace and live your life like you mean it SmarTone online shop!


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