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Fredag den 14 Juli 2017, kl 05:00

After killing the local tyrant Zhen Guanxi, for fear of being jailed, Lu Zhishen fled to Mount Wutai where he stayed in a temple as a monk. After breaking the temple rules by drinking, he was sent by the abbot to the Monastery of Great Assistance to State, where he was put in charge of a vegetable garden. The property had been plagued by a band of local hooligans who frequently came to steal. None of the previous watchmen could stop the theft you beauty hard sell.


Now on hearing that a new watchman had been employed, the hooligans came again, only to be welcomed by a good beating: the two leaders were kicked into a manure pit and the rest dropped to their knees and kowtowed for mercy you beauty hard sell.


The next day they came again, but this time to apologize with wine and food. While they were enjoying the food, crows up in a tree cackled nonstop. A bad omen, to destroy the bird nest, when Lu Zhishen stopped them. He sized up the tree and said, "No need for the trouble." He stripped off his coat, bent down and grasped the trunk. Then he yanked the tree right out of the ground. The hooligans gasped in disbelief and went down on their knees and begged Lu to teach them martial arts you beauty hard sell.


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